YoungCapital fastest growing employment agency in the Netherlands


Hoofddorp – According to the report ‘Largest Staffing Firms in the Netherlands’ released by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) this week, YoungCapital is the fastest growing employment agency in the Netherlands.

YoungCapital recorded a turnover of 203 million euros in 2016, an increase of 59 per cent compared to 2015. The growth is disproportionate in comparison with the other fifty employment agencies in the report: their turnover grew by an average of 16 per cent. In total, the Dutch temporary employment market, which was worth 18 billion euros in 2016, grew by 9 per cent compared to 2015. Ineke Kooistra, CEO of YoungCapital, expects that the growth curve of around 60 per cent will continue in 2017. YoungCapital is not only the fastest growing employment agency in the Netherlands, it is also the twelfth largest on the list. 

Start-up mindset as basis for growth
The reason for the fast, autonomous growth is YoungCapital’s deep-rooted start-up mentality, according to Kooistra. “Our organisation is flat and adaptable, and we have deliberately chosen to keep it that way, even now when we have 700 employees and are growing with 50 more every month. We specifically recruit  people who match our company DNA; people who think in terms of opportunities and dare to take risks. The type of employees that enjoys speed and change. That’s the reason why we can develop and launch good ideas so fast.”   

Machine learning in recruitment
One example of this is YoungCapital Brain, an algorithm that can predict which applicant best matches a vacancy based on big data. YoungCapital launched Brain in July and was the first employment agency to apply machine learning to recruitment. Kooistra, “Brain can accelerate the recruitment process by up to 80 per cent. Recruiters then have more time to personally supervise candidates, to see what talents they have and how they can develop. This is extremely important, especially for young people.” 

About Staffing Industry Analysts 
Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) is active worldwide in the field of recruitment and HR solutions. SIA publishes an annual report on the largest employment agencies in the Netherlands and a top five of the fastest growers. After YoungCapital, In Person is in second place with 58 per cent, followed by Aethon and The Employment Group, both on 43 per cent, and Consolid on 40 per cent. 

About YoungCapital 
YoungCapital believes in the power of young people. As digital natives, they serve as a catalyst for innovation. The recruitment specialist sees young professionals as the growth capital every company needs. YoungCapital brings out the best in young people and in companies, so that they keep promoting growth in one another.

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