Meet our management

We’d prefer to introduce you to all of our employees, but with our growth rate, that would be impossible to keep up with. That's why we’re just sticking to our management team here.

Ineke Kooistra

Ineke Kooistra (CEO)

Ineke Kooistra has been CEO of YoungCapital since January 2013. Ineke may be at the helm of a multi-million-euro company, but she is very open and approachable in her leadership style. And that makes working at YoungCapital really enjoyable. Ineke: “I like to be a facilitator for my employees. Tell me what I can do to help you!”

Mariska Visser (Operational Director)

Mariska started out as a recruiter in 2006. Twelve years and five positions later, she controls the beating heart of the organisation as Operational Director. “Only dead fish go with the flow! I love how at YoungCapital, we always look at how things can be done differently, better, smarter and in a more fun way. And how we distinguish ourselves in the market and are able to work according to our own strengths.”

Mariska Visser
Peter Ligteringen

Peter Ligteringen (CFO)

Peter Ligteringen has been Chief Financial Officer at YoungCapital since February 2019. His motto: “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.” This also reflects the growth mindset within YoungCapital that attracted him so much. “The great thing is that YoungCapital does things differently from the rest. That's our formula for success.” His goal within the organisation: to grow together. “I want to achieve healthy growth, to offer clients and candidates more than what they expect, and in this way to double the size of this company yet again.”

Elbrich Batstra (HR Director)

Elbrich has a heart for providing personal guidance to employees when it comes to their career — whether that involves their current job or taking the next step in their career. Elbrich: “I have the privilege of working in an enormously innovative organisation, where its strength lies in future-oriented thinking and working. YoungCapital is a caring and dynamic environment and is ‘the place to be’ when it comes to work.”

Elbrich Batstra
Margriet de Kroon

Margriet de Kroon (Head of Marketing & Communications)

Margriet de Kroon joined YoungCapital in 2015. She started as an online marketing manager and has been responsible for communications, marketing and online marketing since April 2019. “We’re seeing that online marketing, traditional marketing and communications are becoming increasingly intertwined. My goal for YoungCapital is to better connect our different media channels. We’re now entering the next phase with our brand, in which we not only want to gain more brand awareness but also want to give the brand more meaning.”

Karin van der Gragt (Director YoungCapital NEXT)

Karin started her career at YoungCapital in 2005 as an account manager. Since 2015, she has been putting YoungCapital on the map in Germany, with offices in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Opening offices in Düsseldorf and Leipzig is also on her agenda for this year. “Where attention goes, energy flows. I strongly believe in that. At YoungCapital, I feel a great deal of freedom and trust, and that’s also what I express every day. As a result, people like to take on responsibilities. We have a strong culture in which people work hard to develop themselves.”

Karin van der Gragt
John Muller

John Muller (CIO)

John joined YoungCapital in 2005 and has been in charge of the entire IT department since 2019. His responsibilities include Development (we build most of our systems ourselves), Product, Process Support, IT Operations and Data. Day to day, he focuses on the technical strategy for facilitating the rapid growth of YoungCapital. “As a manager, transparency is very important to me. We work in a large company with the dynamics of a small company. That gives me the energy to try new things every day.”