YoungCapital April Fools’ Day joke: no booze and drugs for candidates


Hoofddorp, 1 April 2018 - This week, YoungCapital published a video in which the Dutch recruitment agency introduced alcoholic beverages and joints to combat nerves. But hold on: the video is part of an elaborate April Fools’ Day joke. Hugo de Koning, founder of YoungCapital, explains: “We will go to the extreme to take away candidates’ nerves. But offering alcohol and drugs is taking it too far, even for us.” With its April Fools’ Day joke, the Dutch recruitment agency raises awareness on the stress these youngsters experience during their job interviews.

In the video, YoungCapital introduced a new way to relax during a job interview: taking a shot of alcohol or smoking a joint. The video, which has over a million views, has been getting a lot of attention on Social Media. And that’s exactly the goal, according to De Koning: “The youngsters in our youth panel indicated that they experience lots of stress during a job interview. With this April Fools’ Day joke, we’re letting them know we understand. And that we want to do something about that.” To help these youngsters, the recruitment agency will launch a WhatsApp-service on 1 May.

Candidates can ask any burning questions they might have before their job interview via Whatsapp. YoungCapital expects questions like ‘What should I wear?’, ‘What should I do when I’m late?’ and ‘When do I start asking about my salary?’ De Koning: “Obviously, we’re more than willing to answer these questions. This way, our candidates will go to their interviews fully prepared and relaxed. They really don’t need a shot or joint for that.”

About YoungCapital
YoungCapital believes in the power of young people. As digital natives, they drive innovation in companies. The recruitment specialist sees young people as the growth capital that every company needs. YoungCapital is committed to bring the best out of both young people and companies. So they continue to stimulate each other's growth.

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