About YoungCapital
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How it started

Young talent can make a big impact – and our founders, Hugo de Koning, Bram Bosveld and Rogier Thewessen, are the living proof. While still studying in 2000, they each went looking for a side job.

They soon found that there was no platform out there that suited their needs and their target group, so they decided to create one themselves – StudentenWerk. What started as a simple website grew into a leading, innovative temporary employment agency that would change the Dutch recruitment landscape for good.

We are the new generation

Working with YoungCapital means working with the new generation. You'll notice this right away because of our enthusiasm and professionalism. We like making clear agreements, so you always know what to expect from us.

Furthermore, we love to do and think at the same time allowing us to achieve great results. Our own success is a reflection of what this new generation can do: with nearly 700 staff members aged 27 on average, we achieved a revenue of 203 million Euros in 2016.

Better matching with the Talent Scan

As a starter, it is difficult to demonstrate what you're good at as you have little work experience. Therefore, we have developed the Talent Scan that you can find in the YoungCapital App.

The Talent Scan provides insight into the qualities of the candidate; within twenty minutes it becomes clear where his or her seven main talents lie. Concrete competences, such as 'presenting', 'collaborating' or 'motivating'. This soon makes it clear what functions and companies match someone. In this way, the Talent Scan allows us to make an even better match.

Smart technology

We continue to innovate within the temporary employment industry. First we elevated temporary employment into the Cloud, and now we have even introduced it into our candidates’ pockets. Thanks to the YoungCapital App, we always know who is available, in real-time. If you work for us you can ‘swipe’ yourself available, and we will send more offers your way.


Applications on video

We always take advantage of the latest online developments – candidates have been able to apply to jobs with a video CV since 2012, and thousands of job interviews have been conducted on Skype since 2013. The next new thing is applying via WhatsApp. By sending a video message through WhatsApp you’ll be able to show our recruiters exactly how excited you are about a job vacancy. This speeds up the selection process and ensures that you have all the freedom to show you most positive attributes.

We recruit out of the box

We're always a step ahead - this applies to recruitment too. Our neuroscientist Marcia Goddard currently investigates the possibilities of machine learning and virtual reality for recruitment. Additionally, Goddard is developing special tests that show us exactly whether a candidate possesses the qualities you are looking for. Is someone flexible? Can he multitask? We test the candidates in action. So, this gives us insight not into what someone 'could do', but what they actually can do.

Industry leader

Our disruptive approach has allowed us to win a number of prizes that we are very proud of. This is good for us – but even better for you, since you’ll be reassured that you’ll be working with a reliable and innovative partner.

  • Nr. 32 in the MT500 (500 best companies)
  • Elbrich Batstra proclaimed HR Director 2016
  • Recruitment Talent of the Year (2016)
  • National Public Champion of the European Business Awards 2015
  • Runner-up for the Erasmus Innovation Monitor 2014 and 2015
  • High Growth Award 2014 for the most financially-healthy company
  • Flex Specialist of the Year - 2012, 2013 & 2014
  • LOEY Award for Leading Online Entrepreneur 2013

Real ambition knows no bounds

We also operate outside of the Netherlands; our international network grows by a thousand new connections each week. Real ambition knows no bounds.

Have a live look at our international network