Jobs in Amsterdam

Jobs in Amsterdam

Are you looking for jobs in Amsterdam for the first time? Or do you have some experience, but interested in applying for the latest vacancies in Amsterdam? Then you could probably use some tips. Luckily, the process to find work in Amsterdam is easy and you’ve come to the right place. Many Dutch businesses rely on recruitment agencies, such as YoungCapital, to find their employees. Thus, it’s common for job seekers to search and apply for vacancies in Amsterdam online. How? That’s simple: just write a cover letter, upload your CV, and you’re good to go. Easy right? Try it out for yourself: find your favourite available jobs in Amsterdam and apply within minutes.

English Speaking Jobs in Amsterdam

If you're looking for English-speaking jobs in Amsterdam, you have come to the right place! At YoungCapital, we have options for everyone; from international student jobs, to graduate jobs, and jobs in Amsterdam for expats. The city is the capital city of the Netherlands, and well-known as a multicultural hub of Europe. Thus, it’s the perfect place to look for multilingual jobs. You can find French- and German-speaking jobs in Amsterdam, jobs for English speakers, and we usually also have vacancies for Spanish jobs in Amsterdam. It’s a glorious, historical place, full of canals, quaint streets, and, of course, bicycles. Choosing to live and work in Amsterdam is a great choice, and because English is second nature to us locals, the city is a prime location for English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands. With restaurants catering for all cuisines, several large universities, and, of course, an impressive nightlife - our capital is a cool student city. With attractions like the A'DAM Lookout, regular festivals, and fun bike tours, this vibrant city is a great place to visit, and you'd feel pretty lucky to live here. The city has ample opportunities for English speakers to settle down. Whether you're looking for weekend jobs in Amsterdam, or English-speaking part-time jobs in Amsterdam, you’re bound to find a career. Scroll through the vacancies in Amsterdam and apply to get your perfect job.

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There are 68 jobs in Amsterdam

Can I find jobs in Amsterdam without experience?

Yes, you can find a job in Amsterdam at any point in your life. Is your career path (close to) non-existent? Or do you feel that your professional route just isn’t that exciting yet? Don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere. YoungCapital believes that young talent deserves a chance, so we offer a large variety of vacancies in Amsterdam at different levels. That being said, no matter how little experience you have, you dó need an up-to-date CV for your application. Do you have a mental bag full of skills, or a specific talent? Add everything that might be relevant for the position or company you’re applying to to your CV. Need some inspiration? Use our free tool to make a CV and directly apply for jobs in Amsterdam.

Which English-speaking jobs close to Amsterdam do you offer?

On the YoungCapital vacancy page, you can find a diverse range of English-speaking jobs in Amsterdam. Discover sales positions, find retail work in Amsterdam, or apply for one of the many Horeca jobs in Amsterdam. Whether you’re looking for a full-time position in our vibrant capital, interested in English-speaking part-time jobs in Amsterdam, or would like to find out more about jobs in Haarlem for English speakers: we’ve got you covered. Haven’t found a vacancy that fully suits you? Don’t worry: we add new (English-speaking) jobs in Amsterdam daily, so you’ll find a vacancy that does suit you in no time.

Do I need to learn Dutch to work in Amsterdam?

To answer this like a true ‘Dutchie’ (straight-forward and direct): no, you don’t need to speak Dutch to work in Amsterdam. The city is a multicultural hub and home to many international people. Most jobs in Amsterdam for expats don't require you to speak Dutch, nor do a lot of businesses around the center. Besides the many English-speaking jobs in Amsterdam, you can easily find multilingual options, such as Spanish jobs in Amsterdam. YoungCapital usually also has a range of German- and French-speaking jobs in Amsterdam. That being said, even though you can easily work in Amsterdam without speaking the language, it wouldn’t harm to practice some basics. Curious? Check out the horeca jobs in Amsterdam, discover jobs in Haarlem for English speakers, or apply for your favourite vacancies in Amsterdam. Then you’ll learn some basic Dutch sayings in no-time. Joe joe!

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