English and Multilingual Jobs in The Netherlands

Jobs in The Netherlands for English speakers

Are you looking for jobs in The Netherlands for English speakers? Then you have come to the right place! The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is one of the most multicultural countries in Europe. This flat land of cheese, clogs and windmills is home to the Dutch, where 90% speak English. That means there are a lot of English speaking jobs available. It doesn’t matter whether you’re here for studying or you’re an expat, we on YoungCapital have you covered.

Moving to live and work in The Netherlands?

YoungCapital has all the information you need to make moving and finding work in The Netherlands as smooth as possible, all in English! We cover topics such as how to get a BSN, health insurance and visa applications.

English Speaking Jobs

Because of our incredible grasp of English, it isn’t a surprise for English speakers to choose to live in the Netherlands, that’s why there are plenty of expat jobs on offer. With sprawling cities, you can find English speaking jobs in Amsterdam, jobs in Utrecht, and jobs in Rotterdam. You can also find English speaking jobs in Groningen, jobs in Maastricht, and jobs in Tilburg. Whew!

Living in The Netherlands is an excellent experience. The Dutch are tall, love their “drop”, and there are more bicycles here than people! The historic cities are beautiful with their canals, charming cobbled streets and the occasional “coffee shop.” We export the worlds Tulips, and we are the number one country for growing cucumbers! Did you also know the Netherlands was the first country to legalise same-sex marriage? Yup, we are all about tolerance and love but expect eye contact and criticism when talking to a Dutchie. It's all about a delicate balance. Yeah, we are direct, but we are super friendly, too!

The Netherlands has a lower than average crime rate compared to its other European counterparts; most people feel and are safe here. Yes, it's one of the smallest countries but the population is dense with a gezellig plus 17 million people, so that’s a pretty good statistic if we do say so ourselves. Housing is diverse and affordable, and us Dutch appreciate a decent work-life balance. With just as many part-time work opportunities, part-time workers enjoy full workers rights and benefits as full-time workers. What’s not to like?

We also have a special relationship with the North Sea; as the country is mostly under sea level, we like to keep an eye on it. So in turn, climate change and the environment is super important to us. And, yes it is true we do like to dive in the frigid waters each new year. What can we say, it's a traditie!

If you’re planning on moving here, luckily, The Netherlands is apart of the European Union and allows fellow members from other EU countries free access to live and work here. You won’t need a permit. However, if you’re planning to stay longer than three months, you will need to register yourself with the IND (immigration and naturalisation service). If you’re from another part of the world, you will need to apply for a work permit.

Looking for English speaking jobs in Amsterdam?

You're at the right place, because you can find these jobs in Amsterdam over here!

Expat Jobs in The Netherlands

Finding expat jobs in the Netherlands isn’t hard to do. With a range of international and multinational companies, finding expat jobs shouldn’t be too tricky, especially if you have qualifications, a lot of Dutch companies are looking for. If you have just left uni or you’re a highly-skilled migrant - there will be a job for you.

Once you have found a job that looks perfect for you, you will need to prepare your application. A Dutch CV starts with your details, and then it should list all your work experience, including part-time and volunteering. You should also list your skills and qualities you may have bought to each of your work experiences. Now it’s time to move on to education, starting with your last place of study. You can also add details about any extracurricular activities. Now it's time to move on to some personal information, like interests and hobbies. But keep this area brief! And now end with some references. We like CVs to be kept to two pages maximum. You should always include a cover letter, tailored made for the company and the job position.

Now we have the Dutch CV covered; we will talk about jobs in The Netherlands for English speakers. Is it no surprise that jobs in Amsterdam happen to be the most popular location to find English speaking jobs. Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands and has a roaring tourist trade. If you’re a graduate or a student, having the ability to speak English at a bar or the tourist offices is a significant advantage. Of course, there is plenty of small and large businesses who rely on international sales that require an English speaker, especially native. English is the worlds’ business language; after all, that’s why English speaking jobs in Amsterdam is popular. Being the hub of Europe, it is also a prime location to find startup jobs in Amsterdam. How cool would it be to join a new and flourishing company?

Other locations in the Netherlands need English speakers for their job positions. You can find English jobs in Maastricht, English speaking jobs in Utrecht and of course English jobs in Rotterdam. No matter what area of the Netherlands you choose to call home, you are bound to find something that caters for English speakers.

You may already be in the Netherlands if you have studied here in the capital. To help with college or uni costs, it’s a good idea to find part-time jobs in Amsterdam or any kind of student jobs in Amsterdam. Of course, other areas of the Netherlands that have large university campuses are always looking to hire international students. Having a good grasp of English and a little bit of Dutch will go a long way in looking for a student job.

Have a look at all our cities above, and see what expat jobs in the Netherlands you can find. Don’t forget to register and upload your CV on YoungCapital. We can help you find the perfect English speaking jobs in the Netherlands, today.