Jobs in Utrecht

Jobs in Utrecht

Are you looking for jobs in Utrecht? You’ve come to the right place. Utrecht is the Netherlands’ 4th largest city, home to more than 340,000 people. Also known as a university city, the student nightlife is awash with bars, night clubs, and other urban features. There are plenty of student jobs in Utrecht, including part-time jobs and, of course, English-speaking jobs. Maybe you’ve just graduated from Utrecht University as an international student, or perhaps you’re looking to move to the Netherlands: either way, Utrecht is a great choice. Have a look at all the jobs in Utrecht and discover English-speaking vacancies in your field.

English Speaking Jobs in Utrecht

If you're looking for English-speaking jobs in Utrecht, you’re in the right spot. Home to the world's largest bicycle parking garage, Utrecht is a diverse and multicultural university city. Fun fact: Utrecht -the city- actually shares its name with the province of Utrecht, which it’s located in. Anyone that speaks English can dive into plenty of student jobs and graduate jobs in Utrecht. If you haven't studied here, and are planning on moving to Utrecht anyways, jobs for expats are in high demand. Utrecht has a booming tourist trade and is home to many large and small international businesses that are looking for English speakers to fill their vacancies. Don't worry if you don't understand Dutch (yet), as the locals are great at speaking English. Did you know that over 90% of them are fluent? So, even if you don’t know the language, you could still apply for Dutch jobs for English speakers. There are currently a lot of jobs in Utrecht available in the health sector, so if you happen to have a medical or pharmaceutical qualification, you’re bound to find an English-speaking job in Utrecht. However, with more than 12 archaeological heritage sites, students and graduates with a background in history-, archaeology-, or geography are in demand as well. No prior experience in any of the sectors above, or interested in a new career path? No problem. With a large variety of jobs in Utrecht, YoungCapital caters to all of your needs. Create an account on YoungCapital, upload your CV and start applying for English-speaking jobs in Utrecht for free today and join the Utrechters or Utrechtenaars (they can't decide).

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There are 16 jobs in Utrecht

Do I need to understand Dutch to get a job in Utrecht?

Knowing some Dutch might make it easier to search for jobs in Utrecht. However, in a time where translating takes microseconds, a potential language barrier shouldn’t be an issue. As for actually finding an English-speaking job in Utrecht, you could check out all the multilingual and English vacancies listed on the YoungCapital platform. Do you find yourself leaning towards Dutch jobs (for English speakers)? Utrecht attracts many tourists, and most locals (a baffling 93%!) speak English. Chances are you’ll pick up some basic Dutch from your new colleagues. Want to fully immerse yourself in the local culture of this self-proclaimed ‘koude kikkerlandje’? Check out our horeca vacatures in Utrecht’s city center and apply for a typical Dutch job in Utrecht.

Where should I search for English-speaking jobs in Utrecht?

Is this your first time looking for English-speaking jobs in Utrecht? Or do you have prior experience, but are you just curious about the most successful way to find a job in Utrecht? You could probably use some inside information. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Many businesses in the Netherlands rely on recruitment agencies and jobboards, such as Jobbird,, and YoungCapital, when hiring new colleagues. When a position at any company opens, the vacancy will likely be posted on these platforms for job seekers to find. Interested in English-speaking jobs in Utrecht? Use the filter function to find English vacancies that suit you.

Is applying for English vacancies difficult?

Spoken like a true ‘Dutchie’ (straight-forward and direct): no, applying for English vacancies is not difficult. Just click on the ‘solliciteer direct’ button, and sign in or create an account within minutes. Now all that’s left to do is add your up-to-date cv, write a cover letter for your potential new employer, and ‘voila’: you’re good to go. Need some help applying for (Dutch) jobs for English speakers? No problem. Our team is more than happy to guide you through the process. Discover your favourite English vacancies in Utrecht, apply online, and let us know when you need help.

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