​YoungCapital opens its second location in Germany


Hoofddorp, 24 November 2016 - YoungCapital opens its second location in Germany. Following on from its first location in Cologne, the specialist in recruitment of young talent has chosen Berlin as its second location. The reason for this is the large increase in customers in that city. This mainly concerns internet companies, start-ups and creative agencies.

YoungCapital opened its first German location in Cologne, in January 2016. Since that time, various companies have managed to find YoungCapital in order to reach young, highly educated talent. "Since our establishment in 2000, we have grown to become a market leader in recruiting young talent in the Netherlands," says Karin van der Gragt, managing director of YoungCapital Germany. "The experience we have gained in a mature recruitment market such as the Netherlands has been brought along with us to Germany. That we have been able to open a second German location in the same year proves that our working methods also work in Germany.”

Focus on disruptive and entrepreneurial companies
In Germany, YoungCapital focuses on fast-growing companies in particular, such as large technological companies and start-ups. Particularly fast-growing companies need the flexible solutions that YoungCapital offers. Van der Gragt: "We are seeing a significant increase in clients that are experiencing exponential growth due to internet technology; disruptive providers that are turning the traditional market upside down. Our candidates have the right competences to support these kinds of companies. But large and established companies also like to deploy the innovative thinking of young people to stimulate internal innovation."

About YoungCapital
YoungCapital believes in the power of young people. As digital natives, they drive innovation within organisations. The recruitment specialist, with 35 locations in the Netherlands and Germany, views young people as the growth capital every company needs. YoungCapital does its utmost to bring out the best in young people and companies. So they can continue to stimulate each other to grow.

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