​YoungCapital turnover increases by 28 per cent


Hoofddorp, 4 February 2016 - YoungCapital, market leader in recruitment of young talent, sets another record with a turnover of 127.5 million euros in 2015. With this increase of 28 per cent, compared to 2014, YoungCapital even exceeded its own turnover growth target of 25 per cent. The innovative organisation for temporary and outplacement staff has now grown faster than the market for five years in a row. In 2015, YoungCapital helped more than 24,000 young people to find employment, 27 per cent more than the previous year.

"In 2013 and 2014, we worked very hard on improving our business processes and organisational structure, turnover was less important in that period," says Ineke Kooistra, CEO of YoungCapital. "Thanks to the solid foundations we laid at that time, we were able to set higher objectives in 2015. Twenty-five per cent growth was an audacious target, which we had to convince ourselves was achievable during the year. But our mindset was: we're just going to do it. And we've crushed our target. Therefore, I can now confidently state that, in 2016, we want to achieve more than forty per cent growth."

'The sky is the limit'
The targeted growth of more than forty per cent demands a great deal of organisational flexibility. "Last year, we had to upscale enormously and it won't be any different in 2016," according to Kooistra. "But the organisation has great resilience, energy and passion: the sky is the limit at YoungCapital and that's an amazing feeling." Kooistra still sees great opportunities in the market and is focusing on a number of new sectors. "We will further expand our activities under the outplacement label YoungCapital Professionals. In addition to Finance and IT, we are launching specialisms in the fields of Online, Sales & Recruitment and Technology. We are developing intensive but short-lasting traineeships in order to improve graduates' connection to the labour market." YoungCapital shares its knowledge about the new generation in the New Generation Recruitment Guide 2016. This book, which has been available since last week, is full of tips and tricks on how to innovate using young talent.

27 per cent more young people working
In total, more than 24,000 students, starters and young professionals found work via YoungCapital in 2015; an increase of more than 27 per cent compared to 2014. The average age of these candidates was 24.5 years old. This year, YoungCapital wants to find work for even more young people, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In January, YoungCapital opened its first German location in Cologne. Further new locations in Germany are being planned and the number of Dutch locations is also increasing with new locations to better serve local markets. Locations are opening in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Nijmegen and Roermond, among others.

In 2015, YoungCapital launched innovative recruitment applications, such as job applications via WhatsApp and the virtual reality recruitment video. The focus for 2016 is on further future-proofing the organisation. "We are going to invest even more in IT and further expand our development team," Kooistra explains. "Our mobile strategy and our apps will be even more important in 2016. The arrival of app indexing, which includes the content of apps in search engine results, means that apps are becoming increasingly important. This offers new opportunities for us. We want to respond to this with multiple mobile apps, so we can further expand our reach."

Investing in people
In 2015, our workforce grew by more than 58 per cent to 345 permanent employees (excluding interns). In 2016, the number of employees will increase by another 125. Kooistra: "Retaining talent is just as important as recruiting talent. Last year, therefore, we invested heavily in the development and the health of our people and the fun factor in the company. For example, we introduced the commitment statement for all employees; an emotional contract in which we promise to invest in their personal and professional growth. These steps have already resulted in a reduction of outflow and sickness absences. We will also continue to invest in 2016, because you can only achieve good results with happy people."

Executive expansion
In order to guide future growth, YoungCapital’s executive team has been expanded. As of 1 February, Maurice Peeters became Director YoungCapital Professionals. Previously, Peeters worked at Adecco, where he was responsible for Learning and Development worldwide and headed an outplacement label for young professionals. This month Ruben Kruit also started as CTO. He previously worked on strategic IT projects at top 25 companies. For the past three years he was CEO at online video platform Minoto Video. With more than 25 years of experience in IT and business development, Kruit will be responsible for the development and implementation of innovative IT strategies at YoungCapital.

About YoungCapital
YoungCapital brings companies into contact with the best young talent. And does so quickly. Young talent is the capital of every company that wants to continue innovating. This innovation is paramount because only then can companies keep up in the current, fast-changing market. The power of YoungCapital is illustrated by its nomination for 'most innovative company in the Netherlands' (Erasmus Innovation Award) and titles such as the New Champion, Best Managed Company and National Champion at the European Business Awards. More information on innovating with young talent can be found in the New Generation Recruitment Guide 2016.

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