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Start your journey to The Netherlands with YoungCapital

Moving country is complex, but here at YoungCapital, we have all the helpful information in English that you may need about immigration to The Netherlands. From working in The Netherlands to the ins and outs of Dutch culture. YoungCapital is here to help your move and transition to The Netherlands as easy as possible. We have divided all the information you may need into handy categories, "Working in The Netherlands", "Living in The Netherlands", "Residency in The Netherlands", and "Dutch Culture". YoungCapital also has English-speaking jobs and other jobs that require another language. You can contact any of our Multilingual team to get started with your job hunt in The Netherlands.

immigration to The Netherlands

Working in The Netherlands

YoungCapital has gathered all the valuable information about working in The Netherlands in one place. From how to acquire a work visa, to what a Dutch CV looks like, to the different types of employment contracts, and what on earth is the 30% rule!? Do not fret. A team member on the Multilingual team will help you.

immigration to The Netherlands

Living in The Netherlands

Good news, YoungCapital has gathered all the information you need on how to live in The Netherlands. We have topics such as, what are the best banks for expats, the cost of living, how public transportation works, and what is iDeal? If all of this is rather confusing, you can always contact the Multilingual team.

Residency in The Netherlands

If you're not from an EU member state - residency can be rather complicated, so YoungCapital has put all the information for you in one place. For example, how to apply for a permit, a BSN number, health insurance, and, if you're an international student, how to get a student visa. We have got you covered!

immigration to The Netherlands
immigration to The Netherlands

Dutch culture

It is good to know about Dutch culture if you're going to work and live in The Netherlands. So we have gathered some interesting and helpful information about Dutchies and the lifestyle for a smooth transition. Graag gedaan!

Frequently asked questions

  • Where can you find English-speaking jobs in The Netherlands?

  • YoungCapital has a dedicated team to help you find English-speaking jobs in The Netherlands. If you speak other languages, don't worry! Our Multilingual team is here to help you.

  • What is "loonheffingskorting"?

  • This means payroll tax credit. Payroll tax credit is a rebate that allows you a discount on your taxes. This allows your employer to pay less tax and for you to receive more wages. However, you're only allowed one payroll tax credit per employer. So if you work more than one job simultaneously, you can only choose one employer to enable your payroll tax credit.

  • How long does it take to get a BSN?

  • Normally you get a BSN on the same day you have your BSN appointment. Otherwise it will be delivered by post within 5 working days. The quickest way to get a BSN is via a temporary BSN, which lasts 4 months. You can get a temporary BSN by registering your home address from your country of origin at any of these townhalls. We strongly advise to avoid making an appointment at Amsterdam townhall for a temporary BSN, as the wait times are too long. A temporary BSN allows you to do all the things you can with a permament BSN. You can "upgrade" your temporary BSN with a permament one in the townhall of where you're living at any time.

  • Can you still work without a BSN?

  • In theory, yes. However a BSN is a legal requirement for all residents of The Netherlands. If you start working without a BSN number, you may get emergency taxed 52% of your paycheck till you have one. We strongly advise you to get a BSN as soon as possible once you arrive in The Netherlands.

  • Do you need health insurance to work and live in The Netherlands?

  • Yes. Every person who lives and works in The Netherlands is legally obliged to have Dutch health insurance. This means you cannot use the health insurance from your country of origin. Normally you pay for Dutch health insurance yourself, however some companies will pay for your Dutch health insurance as a benefit for working with them.

  • Does YoungCapital offer visa sponsorships?

  • Usually not. YoungCapital is an agency with multiple different clients and we hire people for these companies. It is very rare that our client is willing to give a visa sponsorship right away. And when it happens this is normally after a certain period of time. So make sure you have an active workpermit which allows you to work in the Netherlands. YoungCapital as an agency does not give the visa sponsorship to the people we recruited for our clients.

Contact the Multilingual team

The Multilingual team will help you with advice, working and finding you a job in The Netherlands.