Working in the Netherlands

Do you want to know everything about working in The Netherlands? The good news, we have broken down this subject into accessible and digestible articles that may help you on your journey to finding work in The Netherlands. You can always contact a Multilingual team member for any advice and help you find a job in The Netherlands.

Information on Working in The Netherlands

Work in The Netherlands

Work in The Netherlands

In The Netherlands it can be challenging to find an internship or work as there is a lot of competition. However, before looking for work in The Netherlands, there are a few things you should know.

Work Permit in The Netherlands

How to get a work permit in The Netherlands?

Are you looking to work in The Netherlands, but are not completely sure what permits you need in order to do that? Then worry not because we are here to answer your questions!

English Speaking Jobs

English speaking jobs in The Netherlands

English is the main business language in The Netherlands, it is quite easy to find jobs that want fluent English speakers. However, competiton for English-speaking jobs in The Netherlands can be difficult, as there are many internationals also looking for jobs, let us help you!

Dutch CV

How to make a Dutch CV

We are here to help guide you through the process. CVs are written differently around the world, and we want to help you build a Dutch CV that fits for finding jobs in The Netherlands.

Minimum wage in The Netherlands

What is the minimum wage in The Netherlands?

Stay up to date with the current minimum wage in The Netherlands, and make sure you're getting the salary you're entitled to by law.

13th month salary

What is a 13th month salary in The Netherlands

A 13th-month salary in The Netherlands is an extra paycheck that is paid in addition to an employee's annual salary that is usually equivalent to one month's pay. But is this pay mandatory?

30% rule

What is the 30 percent rule in The Netherlands?

Are you a highly skilled migrant and believe you're entitled to the 30% rule? Then we have all the information for you about the 30% rule, what it is, how it works and who is entitled to have it.

Employment Law

Employment law in The Netherlands

When you are getting a new job in The Netherlands, it is important to know your rights and what the employment laws in The Netherlands are.

income tax in The Netherlands

Income tax in The Netherlands

What are the tax rates, and what are the tax brackets in The Netherlands? We have all the information for you to make understanding The Netherlands income tax and taxes easier.

work contracts in The Netherlands

Employment contracts in The Netherlands

Confused as to what the difference is between a fixed term contract and an indefinite contract in The Netherlands? We have broken down the different types of employment contracts and what they mean for you.

Work visa

How to get a work visa for The Netherlands

If you want to work in The Netherlands then you are going to need to apply for a Dutch work visa, if you come from a non-EU country. We have broken down the process to apply for a work visa for you.

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