Health Insurance in The Netherlands

All information correct as of May 2023

Health insurance in The Netherlands is obligatory for the majority of residents over 18 years old. Children under the age of 18 are covered free of charge or get covered on behalf of their parent's health insurance. Plus, if you earn less than 29,500 euros a year, you are eligible for financial health benefits and a refund of some of the costs.

The ’basic package’ is the minimum amount of coverage needed to qualify as being insured and so is what most people in The Netherlands opt for when taking out health insurance. It is mandatory for all health insurance companies in The Netherlands to provide a ‘basic package’ to everyone no matter what their medical background is. So, you have many options when deciding which provider to take out an insurance policy with. However, if you are someone who faces a lot of dental treatment or other additional services, then you might want to look at additional coverage. So what is the basic Dutch health insurance package? With a monthly fee the Dutch health insurance package, also known as ‘Zvwgverzekeringswet’, will cover almost all healthcare service expenses including hospital trips as well as doctor appointments.

Taking out health insurance in The Netherlands is crucial because if you do not have Dutch health insurance then it can be difficult to visit your local GP when you are sick. When signing up with your local doctor or GP, also known as huisarts, you will be asked if you have Dutch health insurance and if you do not have it, they cannot register you in their system. Therefore, it is required.

Health Insurance in The Netherlands

It is also necessary to get health insurance in The Netherlands because on average a doctor's appointment can cost you between 30 to 50 euros or even more depending on the issue at hand, which you won’t be covered without insurance and you will need to pay yourself. Therefore, having health insurance means your Dutch health insurance company will pay for all your doctor visits and even your prescriptions for you. This is why GPs and doctors' offices ask for your health insurance card as all the expenses are sent to your Dutch health insurance company.

The basic Dutch health insurance covers doctors' visits, treatments from hospitals, basic mental health services, and advice for dietary, medication and maternity care. If you are someone that needs additional benefits, then you can consult with your insurance company for those benefits which means that the monthly cost will be higher. The Dutch basic health insurance package costs around 135 euros a month. Of course, this depends on the insurance company that you decide to sign up to as prices vary.

So, how do you take out health insurance in The Netherlands? Once you have moved to The Netherlands, you have three to four months to obtain Dutch health insurance. When you sign up for health insurance, the company will ask you to give your Citizen Service Number, also known as a BSN number. You must obtain the BSN number through your local municipality as without it you cannot sign up for health insurance. Struggling with what health insurance company in The Netherlands would be the best fit for you? Continue reading to compare health insurance companies in The Netherlands to decide which is right for you.

Compare Health Insurance in The Netherlands

Trying to compare health insurance in The Netherlands? Comparing Dutch health insurance can be tricky because many insurance companies provide similar packages for the same price. Therefore, if you are someone who has a complicated medical history or requires regular doctor checkups, then make sure to do your research and pick the package and Dutch health insurance company that can provide you with what you need in the most cost-effective way.

Like most countries in the world, you can freely pick the health insurance company of your choice but you might want to select a company that has translations in other languages like English which will be more suitable for an international. Unfortunately, in The Netherlands, there are many health insurance companies that only provide information in Dutch but that does not mean there aren't many insurance companies that are international-friendly.

As an expat, you might want to consider the following health insurance companies which are known to have instructions in English as well as English-speaking staff:

When comparing health insurance in The Netherlands, make sure you get the best deals.

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Student Health Insurance in The Netherlands

Are you a student that recently moved to The Netherlands and needs health insurance? Student health insurance in The Netherlands is required regardless of whether you are studying or working in The Netherlands.

If you are a student, you don’t need to obtain Dutch public health insurance if you have come to The Netherlands for study only. Therefore, make sure you have health insurance from your home country which will cover your costs during your time in The Netherlands. However, if you are a student from an EU/EEA country including Switzerland, you will be able to obtain a European Health Insurance Card, also known as EHIC, which will cover all medical expenses during your time in The Netherlands.

When applying to university in The Netherlands as a student, it is mandatory to have Dutch health insurance or else you cannot be enrolled. Many times the university that you are enrolled in The Netherlands, will suggest a health insurance provider for you. Many students sign up to the AON insurance company as they cover all health services costs including doctor visits and medicine but also it covers a variety of other things such as theft and some dental procedures, at a low cost as it is generally aimed at students coming to The Netherlands, with a monthly cost of around 39 euros. To summarize, student insurance in The Netherlands is mandatory but if you are an EU/EEA (including Switzerland) citizen you can use your EHIC unless you are employed.

If you are a working student, you are required to have Dutch health insurance. Furthermore, for those students who are not from the EU/EEA or Switzerland and are not employed, students must sort out health insurance with a Dutch insurance company in The Netherlands even if they have coverage from their insurance company back home. To conclude, health insurance in The Netherlands is required and will be very useful as the insurance companies pay for all visits which can be a lot of money coming from your own pocket. Plus, there are many international friendly health insurance companies in The Netherlands that are very helpful to expats with assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it mandatory to have health insurance in The Netherlands?

  • Health insurance in The Netherlands is mandatory for all citizens, as a student, you must have insurance that the university you enrolled at will check for.

  • Is Dutch health care free?

  • Dutch healthcare is not free. Dutch health insurance costs around 100-120 euros a month in The Netherlands.

  • Who is the most popular health insurance provider in The Netherlands?

  • The most popular health insurance company in The Netherlands is Zilveren Kruis.

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