Jobs in Maastricht

Jobs in Maastricht

Are you looking for jobs in Maastricht? You’ve come to the right place. Located in the most southern point of the Netherlands, Maastricht is a historical city with a diverse culture. The city is full of wonderful contrasts: from quaint, cobbled streets and fancy boutiques to modern buildings and multinational businesses. Walking around the city leaves many visitors in awe. Maastricht is an excellent place for English speakers to find a job. Whether you’re still in university and looking for a student job in Maastricht, searching for a new adventure as an expat, or interested in English jobs in Maastricht; YoungCapital has vacancies for you. All you have to do is sign up, upload your CV and apply for jobs in Maastricht online.

English Speaking Jobs in Maastricht

Are you looking for English-speaking jobs in Maastricht? Then this page is the place to be. Maastricht is a university city near the border of Germany, which explains the many multilingual and student jobs in Maastricht. Some locals believe Maastricht to be the oldest city in the Netherlands (whereas others state Nijmegen has been around longer). The city is full of history, culture, and has a diverse multicultural scene. As a result of the military occupations back in the days, Maastricht has strong French and Spanish influences, and is home to many of the countries' military barracks. The city also has a claim to fame for being the location the European Union was founded in. Back in 1992, The Treaty on European Union, also known as the Maastricht Treaty, was signed there. For this reason, Maastricht has a significant international vibe to this day and is an ideal place for English speakers to work, study and live. Are you looking for student jobs in Maastricht as an international? Or do you have a degree and are you interested in English jobs in Maastricht? YoungCapital has a large variety of vacancies that cater to all job seekers’ needs. Ready to find a job in Maastricht? Discover your favourite vacancies and apply (it’s free!) for English-speaking jobs in Maastricht.

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Where can I find jobs near Maastricht?

If you’re interested in jobs in Maastricht, scroll up and discover all vacancies currently available. On the YoungCapital platform you can find a variety of job openings, such as English jobs in Maastricht, multilingual jobs, and jobs for expats. With such a diverse range of vacancies, YoungCapital caters to all job seekers in the area. Can’t find (English) jobs in Maastricht? That’s no problem. The Netherlands is a small country, which gives you the chance to work in other cities. YoungCapital has plenty of Jobs in Netherlands for you to choose from. Discover which vacancies for jobs in Maastricht suit you best, and apply online (for free).

Are there any student jobs in Maastricht?

At YoungCapital, you can find plenty of student jobs near Maastricht. Most Dutch students have a ‘bijbaan’ (aka side job), and they know exactly how to find jobs in Maastricht that suit them. If you’re an international student in the Netherlands, however, the process might be less obvious. Luckily, YoungCapital specialises in matching young talent to employers in the area. Looking for a job in Maastricht? Check out which companies in your area are hiring on this page and apply for your favourite vacancies. How? Just upload your CV, write a compact cover letter, and voila, the employer receives your application within minutes. Need some help? One of the YoungCapital specialists will guide you through the process of finding a student job in Maastricht.

Do I need to learn Dutch to get an English-speaking job in Maastricht?

Whether you’re looking for a part-time job, curious about multilingual jobs, or want to apply for English-speaking jobs in Maastricht: it’s highly likely you’ll come across some Dutch. Don’t (fully) understand the language? That’s no problem. Navigating the YoungCapital vacancies is really easy despite the possible language barrier. Need some help with your application for a job in Maastricht? Or do you have a question about a vacancy for an English-speaking job in Maastricht? The local team is more than happy to lend a hand.

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