Jobs in Groningen

Jobs in Groningen

Are you looking for jobs in Groningen? Then you have come to the right place! Groningen is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands with over 200,000 inhabitants. With origins dating back from the 13th century, Groningen is also one of the oldest cities. With a notable historic charm and a modern flair, this university city has it all. International students can find part-time jobs in Groningen and expats can find plenty of English speaking jobs in the area. Register now on YoungCapital, and upload your CV and start applying for our jobs in Groningen, for free, today.

English Speaking Jobs in Groningen

Are you searching for English speaking jobs in Groningen? Then you are in luck! Here on YoungCapital, we have plenty of English speaking jobs available. We have student jobs in Groningen and jobs for English speaking expats! Groningen has an older charm with a modern, youthful heart. A lot of the city was devastated during WW2, so the city has an eclectic mix of old and new. One of Groningen’s claim to fame is the Het Nederlands Stripmuseum. Which is a comic strip museum, there is nothing naked about this place. Harking back to the old is the 1200’s church, Martinikerk, which is named after the saint, Martin of Tours. Groningen is known as the youngest city, with the average age being 23 years old. With Groningen University, 1 in 5 people is a student! A lot of English speakers are required to maintain the international student crowd, so there are plenty of English speaking jobs in Groningen on offer. With a diverse population, there are many large and small businesses requiring English speakers to fill their job posts. Of course, there are plenty of part-time jobs in Groningen, such as bar jobs and other student jobs. Sign up, upload your CV and start applying for English speaking jobs, in The Netherlands today.

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