Jobs in Groningen

Jobs in Groningen

Are you looking for jobs in Groningen? Then you’ve come to the right place. Groningen is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands with over 200.000 inhabitants. One of Groningen’s claim to fame is the Het Nederlands Stripmuseum. Unlike the name suggests, no one in this museum is (supposed to be) naked. The term ‘strip’, in this case, refers to comic books. With a notable historic charm and a modern flair, this university city has it all. International students can find part-time jobs in Groningen and expats can find plenty of English-speaking jobs in the area. Register now on YoungCapital, and upload your CV and start applying for our jobs in Groningen (for free) today.

English Speaking Jobs in Groningen

Curious about English-speaking jobs in Groningen? On the YoungCapital platform, you can find a diverse range of jobs in Groningen for English speakers. The list of vacancies continuously grows and caters to a diverse range of job seekers. You can find student jobs in Groningen and jobs for English-speaking expats. Fun fact: Groningen -the city- actually shares its name with the northeasternmost province of Groningen it’s located in. With origins dating back to the 13th century, Groningen is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Contrary to the historic charm the city maintained throughout the years, Groningen is known as the youngest city, with an average age of inhabitants of 23 years old. This makes Groningen both one of the oldest and one of the youngest cities in the country. A large part of the city was destroyed during WW2, so the city has an eclectic mix of old and new. With a balanced combination of historical charm and a modern, youthful heart, the city is home to many (international) students. The University of Groningen, a research university with a global outlook, is the second-oldest university in the country. Quality has been the top priority for 400 years, and the university lives up to its reputation to this date. It’s not hard to understand why 1 in 5 people living in Groningen are students, and with many internationals, there are plenty of English-speaking jobs in Groningen on offer. With a diverse population, a variety of large and small businesses hire multilingual- or English-speakers to fill their job posts. Looking for jobs in Groningen for English speakers? Find vacancies for part-time jobs in Groningen, work in a bar, or discover other student jobs. Create an account, upload your CV and start applying for English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands today.

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How do I find jobs in Groningen?

Is this your first time looking for jobs in Groningen? Or do you have some experience, but want to double-check how to apply for English jobs in Groningen? Then you could probably use some tips. Luckily, the process is simple, and you’ve come to the right place. Many Dutch businesses rely on recruitment agencies and jobboards, such as, Jobbird, and YoungCapital, to find new employees. Thus, most job seekers search for (English-speaking) jobs in Groningen online and commonly use our platform to apply for vacancies. Finding a job in Groningen is easier than walking to the supermarket in wooden shoes, so try it out for yourself: upload your CV, write a short cover letter, and await a reply.

Should I learn Dutch before I can apply for English jobs in Groningen?

To answer the questions like a true ‘Dutchie’ (straight to the point): no, you don’t have to learn the language if you want to apply for English jobs in Groningen. Whether you’re interested in student jobs in Groningen, curious about multilingual vacancies, or looking for English-speaking jobs in Groningen, you’ll likely come across some Dutch. Don’t (fully) understand the language yet? Don’t worry: navigating through the vacancies is easy, despite the possible language barrier. Need a hand with your application? Contact us. YoungCapital is here to help you find your next (English) job in Groningen.

How much will I earn if I get a part-time job in Groningen?

On average, young professionals with a part-time job in Groningen earn 12 euros per hour. However, the actual monthly salary heavily depends on a bunch of factors. One of the most obvious elements is hours you work. Working 30 hours a week at an English-speakingjob in Groningen will likely result in a higher salary than working 24 hours a week. Other factors to consider are prior experience, age and the type of job, as well as the industry. But don’t worry about your paycheck too much. It doesn’t matter if you just got your first ever student job in Groningen, are an expat with years of experience, or just applied for a part-time job in Groningen: the law has got your back. Dutch law lays down a minimum wage for everyone.. Check out how much you’ll earn according to the table on the minimumloon page.

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