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Are you one of the many people searching for English jobs in the Netherlands? Then you’ve come to the right place. At the YoungCapital platform, we offer a large variety of English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands. The list of vacancies continuously grows and caters to a diverse range of job seekers. You can find part-time jobs in the Netherlands for international students and (soon-to-be) graduates, but YoungCapital also has full-time vacancies available. There are plenty of jobs for expats, as well as positions that require no prior experience. So, whether the facts listed on your CV are impressive, or your CV is looking pretty bare: we have vacancies for jobs in the Netherlands for you. Nervous about the language? Don’t be. If you’re looking for English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands, chances are you don’t (fully) understand Dutch. That’s no problem. The ‘Dutchies’ are known for their excellent international communication skills, and it’s estimated that a baffling 93% (!) of them speak English. That high percentage comes in handy when the locals are involved in global business, as it’s the language of choice for many international interactions. Logically, it’s in their best interest to attract English speakers for jobs in the Netherlands to help build small and large companies throughout the country. It doesn’t matter if you’re already working, or if you’re just taking the plunge and moving to a new home: with multicultural hubs like Amsterdam and The Hague you’re bound to find English jobs in the Netherlands. But, why move here?

Moving for an English-speaking job in the Netherlands

Are you wondering if moving for an English-speaking job in the Netherlands is worth it: well, let us tell you! This flat land is more than just windmills, cheese, and clogs. The Netherlands, also known to some as Holland, is a great country to call home. Not only can the Dutch speak superb English, but they also have a great work-life balance: pens almost always drop at 5 pm. Other than that, it’s common to stay longer to hang out with your colleagues (but that’s completely up to you, of course). When you find an English-speaking job in the Netherlands, you’ll quickly experience that the atmosphere is informal, which means that your manager and boss will most likely also join the ‘vrij-mi-bo’ (which is short for ‘vrijdagmiddagborrel’, a.k.a. ‘Friday afternoon drinks’). Other than that, the Dutch love the great outdoors, and they will conquer rain and hail riding on their bicycles to eat ‘Bitterballen’, ‘Stroopwafels’ and ‘Haring’. Yes, they can be direct, and if you’re not used to that it might come across as rude, but you’ll get used to that in no-time. Also, that directness makes them great friends, considering you’ll always know where you stand. Now that you’re sold on the lifestyle, why not move here? Discover our multilingual jobs, such as French or English jobs in the Netherlands, and pack your bags. All you have to do is create a (free!) account, upload your CV and start applying for English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands. It’s that simple. Maybe working in Amsterdam is perfect for you, but you could also apply for jobs in The Hague, Eindhoven, or any other city. Make sure to browse all the jobs in Holland for English speakers by clicking on various cities and seeing what opportunities await you. Any questions about multilingual or English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands? Feel free to contact us.

There are 55 jobs in the Netherlands

Where can I find English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands?

If you are interested in English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands, you should check out this page. We have jobs in Amsterdam, the capital, but also offer plenty of vacancies in other cities. Discover our jobs in Groningen in the north of the country, or go further south and find jobs in Tilburg. Do you already live in the Netherlands? Or do you have an idea of the area you’re planning to move to? Use the filter tool to add a city name or zip code (postcode). That way you will exclusively see the English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands that are relevant to you.

How can I get an English-speaking job in the Netherlands?

Is this your first time looking for (English-speaking) jobs in the Netherlands? Or do you have some experience, but are you interested in applying for the latest English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands? Then you could probably use some tips. Luckily, the process is easy and you’ve come to the right place. Many Dutch businesses rely on recruitment agencies and jobboards, such as Jobbird, Uitzendbureau.nl, and YoungCapital, to find their employees. Thus, it’s common for job seekers to search for vacancies online. Most people also use these platforms to apply for (English-speaking) jobs in the Netherlands. Just upload your up-to-date cv, write a cover letter and you’re good to go. Easy, right? Have a go at it: find your favourite vacancies in the Netherlands and apply within minutes. Chances are you’ll find an English-speaking job in the Netherlands in no-time.

Do I need to speak Dutch to find multilingual jobs in my area?

Whether you’re looking for a French-speaking job in the Netherlands, curious about multilingual jobs, or want to apply for jobs in the Netherlands for Spanish speakers: it’s highly likely you’ll come across some Dutch. If you don’t (fully) understand the language, that might seem stressful, but don’t worry. Navigating our platform is really easy despite the possible language barrier. Need some help with a vacancy for an English-speaking job in the Netherlands? Or do you have a question about a company? Our team is more than happy to lend a hand Contact us, or apply for multilingual jobs online.

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