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English jobs Netherlands

If you’re one of those people who search, English jobs Netherlands, then you’re in luck! Here on YoungCapital, we have plenty of English jobs in the Netherlands for you. Us Dutch are excellent at English, and with the language being the language of choice for global business; it is in our best interest to attract more English speakers to help build small and large companies throughout the Netherlands. With multicultural hubs like Amsterdam and The Hague, you’re bound to find a job for English speakers. It doesn’t matter if you are studying or have studied as an international student or you are taking the plunge and moving to a new home; we have student jobs, graduate jobs and expat jobs. Either way, you’re bound to find jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers. But why move here?

Well, let me tell you! This flat land is more than just windmills, cheese and clogs. The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is a great country to call home. Not only can we speak superb English, but we also have a great work-life balance; pens almost always drop at 5 pm. We love the great outdoors, and we will cycle in the hail to eat some Bitterballen. Yes, we can be direct, and that can be seen as rude, but come on! We make great friends and colleagues because you will always know where you stand. Now that I have sold you the lifestyle, why not make a move and work in Holland? You could find yourself living in Leiden, Groningen, or Tilburg! We also cannot forget amazing cities like Maastricht, Utrecht and Rotterdam. All you have to do is sign up, upload your CV and start applying for English jobs in the Netherlands, for free today. It is that simple. Make sure to browse all the jobs in Holland for English speakers, by clicking on the various cities and see what opportunities await you!

Start your German copywriter job in Amsterdam

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Become the next Norwegian Recruiter in Amsterdam

Are you the next Swedish Customer service agent in Amsterdam

Will you be the next Danish Customer Service Agent in Amsterdam

Fulltime Junior Sourcing & Selling specialist (English + German) in Delft

Customer Service Representive at an international company in Roelofarendsveen

Frontend Developer (React) at YoungCapital in Hoofddorp

Work from home as a fulltime German Account Manager at Accenture

Parttime warehouse employee in Tilburg

Commercial Director at YoungCapital in Cologne

Fulltime Account manager StudentJob DACH in Hoofddorp

French/Dutch Customer Service in Nijmegen

Fulltime job as Finance Support Agent for a scale-up in Amsterdam - German

Start now as a Danish Courier Recruiter in Amsterdam

Start now as a Danish Partner Brand Specialist in Amsterdam

Account manager Studentjob Sweden in Hoofddorp

Fulltime accountant in Alphen aan den Rijn

Start now as an Italian Courier Recruiter in Amsterdam

German customer service employee in Enschede

Spanish Customer Support Specialist in Amsterdam

Fulltime Logistics Assistant at international meat company in Delft

Warehouse worker in Enschede at Bleckmann

Warehouse worker at Bleckmann in Almelo

Bike courier for a meal delivery company in Amsterdam

Fulltime job as German Customer Care Agent for a scale-up in Amsterdam

Warehouse worker at Bleckmann in Bergen op Zoom

Part-time customer service employee in Enschede

German-speaking Online Marketeer for YoungCapital Germany

Warehouse worker at Bleckmann in Oldenzaal

Fulltime baliemedewerker bij BMN in Dordrecht