Jobs for Ukrainians

Er zijn 20 vacatures voor mensen uit Oekraïne gevonden.

Vacatures voor mensen uit Oekraïne

Op zoek naar werk voor Oekraïners? Bij YoungCapital maken we het mogelijk met onze vacatures voor mensen uit Oekraïne. Vanaf 1 april mogen mensen uit Oekraïne zonder tewerkstellingsvergunning aan de slag in Nederland. Dus als je uit Oekraïne komt en werk zoekt of voor iemand uit Oekraïne werk zoekt, ben je bij deze pagina aan het juiste adres. Het aanbod met werk voor Oekraïners is heel divers. Zo hoef je voor sommige vacatures geen vloeiend Engels te spreken of schrijven: het is voldoende dat jij anderen begrijpt en dat zij jou begrijpen in het Engels. Deze vacatures zijn beschikbaar voor ieder ander die Engels spreekt en zijn daardoor ook toegankelijk voor Oekraïners. Neem een kijkje bij de vacatures voor mensen uit Oekraïne en bekijk de mogelijkheden. Бажаємо успіху!

Find jobs for Ukrainians in the Netherlands

Are you looking for work for Ukrainian citizens? On this page you’ll find all the available vacancies for English speakers in the Netherlands, which are also accessible for Ukrainian refugees. As of April 1st, the Netherlands has allowed citizens from Ukraine to work without a work permit. So if you are looking for a job for Ukrainians, you are in the right place. Good to know: for some of these vacancies, the only thing you need is to be able to speak English on a basic level. So take a look at the vacancies and discover the different jobs available for Ukrainians. Бажаємо успіху!

Start working as a catering employee!

A job for Ukrainian citizens as a delivery driver in Holland

Get a full-time job as a production employee in Cuijk

Per direct fulltime Orderpicker in Nuth

Start as a waiter at Renato's in Amsterdam!

Ga aan de slag als Fulltime Repair Technician in Nuth

Logistiek medewerker 3-ploegen in Nuth

Start as an Assistant Kitchen Manager at Renato's in Overveen

Start as a full time kitchen manager at Renato's in Overveen

Start as a manager at Renato's in Amsterdam

Fulltime housekeeper at a large hotel in Amsterdam

Work as a Delivery Driver at HelloFresh Maastricht

Work as a Delivery Driver at HelloFresh Etten-Leur

Nieuw! Solliciteer als één van de eersten

Work as a Delivery Driver at HelloFresh in Reusel

Work as a Delivery Driver at HelloFresh Rotterdam

Work as a Delivery Driver at HelloFresh Nieuwegein

Earn €12,50 as warehouse worker at Movus in Alblasserdam

Parttime housekeeper at a hotel chain in Amsterdam-West

Work as a Delivery Driver at HelloFresh in Diemen

Warehouse worker in the evening for PostNL Apeldoorn

Work for Ukrainian people in Europe

A lot of European countries are allowing Ukrainian refugees to work without a work permit. From big to small companies in the Netherlands, a lot of people want to do anything they can to help. On this page, you’ll find some of the companies who are offering jobs for Ukrainian refugees who speak the English language. Are you looking for (remote) jobs for Ukrainian speakers? Read each job description carefully to know more about the details of the job. It will also state if you need a CV or not. If you want to apply for the job, the best thing you can do is call the recruiter mentioned in the vacancy, so they know that the application process will be in English and they can help you complete it.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I apply for jobs for Ukrainian citizens?

    Read the description carefully so you know what is asked of you. You can also call the recruiter stated at the bottom of the vacancy. That way they will know that the rest of the application process has to be in English.

  • I’m from Ukraine, do I need a work permit?

    As of April 1st, you don’t need a work permit if you’re from Ukraine. A lot of European countries are offering jobs to people from Ukraine.