English speaking jobs in the netherlands

Are you an expat coming to The Netherlands to find a job? Or are you a student who moved to The Netherlands and wants to earn some extra cash? Well, there are a lot of English-speaking jobs in The Netherlands for you! Because The Netherlands is such an international country, there are many businesses that are non-Dutch which have headquarters or offices in The Netherlands, which are constantly looking for employees. Furthermore, because there is such a large international community in the country, many Dutch companies have been more lenient in hiring expat workers.

Now that English is the main business language in The Netherlands, it is quite easy to find jobs that want fluent English speakers. Working in The Netherlands is such an advantage as it has a stable economy mostly financed by foreign investment businesses which is obvious through the high tax conditions. The Netherlands also has a well-educated population, with 24% of the population being foreign-born or immigrants. Another advantage in working in The Netherlands besides its high standard of living is the fact that it is one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, for example in 2019 The Netherlands had just a 3.2% unemployment rate.

However, competiton for English-speaking jobs in The Netherlands can be difficult, as there are many internationals also looking for jobs just like you. Therefore, the more experience you have, the more likely you are to get a job. Furthermore, as a student there are so many jobs that are English speaking in The Netherlands, such as working at a bar, café or a shop. Sometimes as an international, you can be denied from getting a job if you do not know a certain amount of Dutch. However, if you apply or look into jobs from companies that are internationally known or popular, there is a higher chance for you as a native English speaker to get a position in those types of businesses. Overall, in The Netherlands they are very open to recruiting expats and therefore finding English-speaking jobs in The Netherlands is a worthwhile endeavour, especially as the average income is good compared to some other countries in the EU.

English-Speaking Jobs in The Netherlands

Expat Jobs in The Netherlands

Expat jobs in The Netherlands are becoming increasingly more common. Highly-skilled workers are very appreciated in The Netherlands as there is a great demand for them to the point where if you are a highly-skilled migrant worker, the migration process is a lot faster. When speaking of highly-skilled workers, we are talking:

  • Engineers
  • IT professionals
  • Those who have a background in finance
  • Any experience in marketing
  • Any experience in sales
  • Any experience in customer service

There are also so many other professional jobs that are in demand, which are tailored more to professionals and graduates in areas such as health care or education.

As an expat applying for a job in The Netherlands, it's important to remember that there's tax that gets reduced from your salary, which can vary depending on how much income you are earning. However, if you are a highly-skilled migrant worker moving to The Netherlands, there are massive tax benefits such as 30% Rule. Another fact to know when getting a job in The Netherlands as an expat, is that the average starting salary is around 2,341 euros a month.

Most low starting salaries are in creative industries such as music or dance which are around 1,200 euros and design or visual arts which are around 1,300 euros a month. The highest incomes are in areas such as pharmacy or dentistry, which are 3,300 euros and 4,000 euros a month, respectively. Furthermore, currently the lowest income in The Netherlands is on average 1,653 euros a month for a full time worker aged 21 or older.

Dutch working hours range between 36 and 40 hours a week, while some jobs in The Netherlands can be four days a week instead of five. Most jobs that you will find in The Netherlands are a normal 9 to 5 job. WHile you may be asked to work overtime or later shifts in certain jobs and situations, normally employees do not have to work overtime. If working for a Dutch company, many companies are very organised and follow a crucial step-by-step plan.

But where can you find an expat job in The Netherlands? You can find many expat jobs anywhere around The Netherlands, but it is highly recommended to search in the big cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen, Utrecht, and The Hague. All of these cities have major international communities, especially The Hague which hosts many embassies. The reason why one should look into expat jobs in these major cities in The Netherlands is because these cities are mostly international friendly and have many international companies located there.

Overall, finding expat jobs can be difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. The Netherlands can offer someone a job in any sector, in any position, ranging from baristas to barristers! Because The Netherlands has attracted many international students due to their highly regarded universities spread out across the nation, cities have been more open to hiring students, which of course this means more student job opportunities. And even though it is not a “professional” job, these Dutch cities do offer a variety of paid internships in sectors that do not necessarily have to coincide with your studies. Not sure where to start your job search in The Netherlands? YoungCapital has a variety of english-speaking jobs including part-time, full time and weekend jobs.

English-Speaking Jobs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the best cities in The Netherlands to find an English-speaking job. Of course, being the capital of The Netherlands, it is the home of many expats due to the high number of international companies establishing their offices in the biggest Dutch city. Because Amsterdam is such a popular place for expats, the main business language is English, which makes it easier and opens up more opportunities for expats or internationals. Furthermore, students coming to Amsterdam for either studies, year abroad or work experience, will find thousands of flexible roles that are perfect for students.

So where can one find English-speaking jobs in Amsterdam? The internet is filled with English-speaking jobs in Amsterdam, and every day there are a few hundred vacancies. But another way to get a job in Amsterdam is by networking or physically going to workplaces and asking about job openings. Normally staff can offer information on how to apply. Click the button below to start searching for English-speaking jobs in Amsterdam today!

Frequently asked questions

  • Can English speakers get jobs in The Netherlands?

  • Yes, it is very easy to find and apply for English-speaking jobs in The Netherlands, as many international companies have settled in The Netherlands and continue to do so.

  • Can I get a job in The Netherlands without speaking any Dutch?

  • Yes, because The Netherlands hosts many multinational businesses, it is possible to find many jobs where speaking Dutch is not required.

  • What is a good city to look for English-speaking jobs in The Netherlands?

  • The top cities that would be recommended for an expat in search of an English-speaking job is Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

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