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Many people move to The Netherlands to work, and who could blame them as The Netherlands has a high standard of living and the 13th highest average income in the world! With an abundance of international and local companies active in The Netherlands, there are plenty of options for places to work. In The Netherlands it can be challenging to find an internship or work as there is a lot of competition. However, before looking for work in The Netherlands, there are a few things you should know.

You first need an EU work permit. If you are from the EU, the EEA or you happen to have a valid EU work permit, then it is easy to apply for a job in The Netherlands. If you are not from the EU, the EEA or you do not have an EU work permit, then you have to obtain one of many visas that will allow you to work and live. There is the option of an orientation year visa for graduates or young people which makes it easier for them to live and work in The Netherlands for roughly 12 months without any restrictions. The orientation year visa does have certain conditions for who can apply for it as they must qualify as a ‘highly educated person’. These conditions can be found on the Dutch Government website.

There are other visas that you can look into such as a visa for highly skilled migrants, which is aimed for people who earn higher incomes or are more qualified such as scientific researchers. The application for a highly skilled migrant visa requires a recognised sponsor as well as a minimum income, and it costs €345 to apply. Additionally, there is also the Single Permit Visa, which allows you to both live and work in The Netherlands with one permit by combining a Dutch residence permit and a TWV (work permit). An application for a single permit visa also costs €345.

Work in The Netherlands

Furthermore, you can also apply for an EU blue card which guarantees you a work and residence permit in The Netherlands for people who are not citizens of EU, EEA or Switzerland. The benefits of having an EU blue card include free movement across the EU, equal pay and the right to EU standard work conditions. Lastly, if you are an entrepreneur then you can apply for a self employment visa which allows you to both obtain a Dutch residence permit and work in The Netherlands as an independent worker.

When considering working in The Netherlands, you must know that there are certain conditions you must meet when applying for a Netherlands work visa. There are additional requirements different visa types and certain documents you must be able to submit in order to work in The Netherlands. Make sure to inform yourself on what these are from official and up to date sources.

How To Find a Job In The Netherlands

Now onto the real question: how to find a job in The Netherlands? Bear in mind that the Netherlands is a very competitive country for business, but that just means it offers many job opportunities. There are many international companies from different industries that have established their European headquarters or offices in The Netherlands, which means most companies’ main language is English. This is perfect for someone coming from another country who wants to work in the Netherlands in a English speaking job as they do not speak Dutch.

Here are a few ways for you begin your search for your perfect job in The Netherlands:

  • Check Job Boards: Many people now use online job boards such as YoungCapital, Linkedin and many more. These job boards are very useful for someone who is struggling to find the right job listings and wants to apply quickly and easily. Plus, they offer a wide range of occupation types and job types so there is always something for everyone on these job boards.

  • Recruitment Agencies: If you need a job urgently and are willing to pay for an advantage in your job hunt, then try use a recruitment agency. They can help you find a job in the sector you want. They will do most of the work for you in terms of keeping a constant eye on job openings and submitting your motivation letter and CV to suitable companies looking for someone like you.

  • Take Advantage of Your Network: Just knowing the right people can massively help you in finding a job. Therefore, ask your friends, family or coworkers from previous jobs if they have work connections in The Netherlands. You never know who has some friends working in The Netherlands who could perhaps help you out. You can also expand your network by using your different social media platforms to put your name out there. Try promoting yourself to see if anyone knows of a job opening in The Netherlands.

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If you are a student looking for work in The Netherlands, you might want to search for basic level entry jobs such as working at a cafe or in retail. These roles are usually English speaking and dont require any qualifications. You can also search for Dutch internships, in order to gain credits for your university or acquire work experience. Remember that internships will still require a residency and work permit.

Finding work in The Netherlands will require a lot of time and effort on your behalf to eventually find a role that's right to you. It may seem impossible at first, but if you set an hour or two each day to just apply to different jobs and positions, eventually you will get offered that dream interview.

Work in The Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How hard is it to find a job in The Netherlands?

  • Because The Netherlands is a welcome to many international companies, there are constantly new companies being established around the country and therefore looking for new workers. Many Dutch companies have been employing expats in recent years too, so moving to the Netherlands to work is possible. The job market is competitive though, so make sure your application fully represents you as a candidate to help you stand out to recruiters.

  • What is a good salary in The Netherlands?

  • What is considered to be a “good salary” in The Netherlands is between 2,800 euros and 3,500 euros a month. Remember a starting salary in The Netherlands is around 2,100 euros excluding taxes but in most companies the more years you stay the higher your salary gets.

  • Is it easy to get a work permit in The Netherlands?

  • A Dutch work permit is readily attainable provided you have a Dutch residence permit first. Apply for the residence permit that suits you first and then see what documents or requirements you need to fulfill in order to obtain a work permit.

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